Never heard of Blamtec?  That's because we have only
recently offered our ammunition for sale to the public. 
Blamtec 9mm, .40 and .45 caliber match grade ammunition
has been supplied to leading competitive shooters and we
are now increasing our production to offer this high quality
round to you

  • Our ammo is loaded with match grade Montana
    Gold projectiles. 

  • All rounds are manufactured to exacting specifications on commercial Dillon 1050 Super presses

  • Each round is hand gauged and double
    checked visually


Blamtec is a licensed and insured FFL-06 ammunition manufacturer with over 25 years of experience working with energetic compositions. All our equipment is commercial grade, including our MA-Systems bullet collators. We give you the same guarantee we provide to the champion shooters we supply:

Blamtec offers a 10 round, 1 week guarantee on its ammo. Shoot up to 10 rounds within one week and if you are not happy with the ammo ship it back for a full refund.








Please send inquires and order requests to